Light plays a big role in photography. Here are the different examples of light exposure.

The first picture with the three candle holders that look some what like  wine glasses have a side-lit lighting.This means that the light is coming from the side and in this particular picture the light is coming from the right side out of a window.

The next picture has the light coming from right above the object or necklace. This light doe not really cast much shadow because it is directly above the object.

The last picture are beads that are being illuminated from underneath. As you can see this causes the bottom part if the beads to be more visible than the upper  part



Audio has been a different aspect of journalism I have ever done. I have delta with audio and video together before but never just audio. I have had fun with it. It’s really cool to be able to create an image in someone’s mind. There are some aspects of audio that are difficult.

The equipment we are using picks up everything. For example it picks up the humming of refrigerators, vents, and computers. This can be distracting background noise. I know we need Nat sound but it was hard for me to get the background noise without the little humming. I also tried to fix it through audition but had a tough time doing that as well. I have learned to try and do the interview in a quietest place possible and that will help a lot with the fuzzy back ground sound

I have also found that during interviews it is hard to get people to continue talking so that I am able to get full long quotes. This happens weather you doing video or audio but since audio and only voices it’s amplified if there is awkward quotes. In this situation I try to ask open ended questions to encourage people to continue talking.

I felt that editing in audition has been a lot easier than premiere pro. This program seems to be user friendly and easy to use.  I am use to different programs when cutting video. Premiere pro was somewhat the same but also very different in way as well.

The equipment that we have used for audio is also pretty easy. It is for the most part self-explanatory. There were a couple times that I had pressed record and thought it was recording only to realize it was not actually recording. I had forgotten you have to press the record button twice. I fixed it and still got a good recording.

I enjoy audio and am happy I was able to see this side of journalism.

David Gilkey Pictures

David Gilkey was a very talented photographer. All of his photos are very emotion filled. Going thought the link that was sent it really inspired me to take more pictures of people. I normally like to do more nature but seeing the emotions and how much power there is in these photos makes me want to take more photos of people to try and capture these emotions.

The picture of Cody Lee Ensley has so much in it. I love that he put this in black and white. I think this makes the photo, it gives it a feel of seriousness. The caption read that he is entering the safety of American gates after a daylong of attacks, you don’t even need to read the caption to see the relief on his face.

Another picture that catches my eye is the one with the son and father. The Dad Jake Romo is going though rehab to what appears to be for his legs. His son is standing behind him watching him as he walks. This is so powerful and really touches my heart. Again this picture is in black and white to create a certain feeling. I think this is an important aspect to show the feeling of this photo. I also think the camera angle is very particular. Shooting behind the son gives this picture so much more than if he would have shot it from the right or left side.

The portrait pictures with the tight faces is so interesting to me. I love seeing close up pictures of face because you can see every little unique aspect of that individuals face. Those little aspects are what makes that person them. I like how none of them are full on smiling. There is only a couple with soft smiles. I think this makes the picture look less staged and more natural

The last photo that I really liked was the one of Baby Sesay. I love that she is looking up and not straight at the camera. I did this the camera angle for this one is perfect. It’s straight on her her eyes are looking up at an angle. I also like that the background is out of focus and she is the main thig you look at.

I really love all of these photos and David Gilkey has inspired me to get out of my box when I take pictures.

The 2016 Show-Me State Games Pickleball Tournament


This morning the Picklelball tournament kicked off the 2016 Show-Me state games. It was held at The Albert Oakland Park. There was a big crowd enjoying the fun competitive sport.

Pickleball was the 32nd edition to the Show-Me state games The show me state games is and Olympic style sports festival that continues throughout the year to promote health and fitness. The Pickleball tournament games are intended for older adults.

It was a beautiful day for the games. There was many people competing as well a good amount of spectators. There was a food truck and water being provided.


Texas Flooding

These picture show the flooding that has occurred in Texas recently. Nearly half of Texas has had record breaking rainfall for the month of May and the rain is not over yet. There is more rain to come with the upcoming week. There has been deaths and injuries because of this flooding.

The first picture you can see patrol officers searching for people by boat. I think this is a very good shot taken. This photographer used the rule of thirds by placing the two boats in the top area of thirds. For the most part the boats are centered in the frame but are slightly to the right. I think this does not take away from the quality of this picture but it adds dimension. Sometimes when picture are too perfectly symmetrical it can look awkward and not right. I think this a good impression of the damage this flooding has done to Texas and what law enforcement is doing to keep everyone safe.

The second picture is a birds eye view of an over pass in Texas that has water almost up to the top of the bridge. I like the placement of the roads in this picture. Even though the flooding is the main part of this picture you see a lot of the green wooded area. I think this adds a different aspect to the photo and this news story. II think is shows that it not only people that are getting their home destroyed but it’s also animals as well. The placement of the roads in the corner leads you to look through the entire photo not just one part of it.

This last photo shows a house completely surrounded by water that has big barriers blocking the water from submerging the house. This is a very intense photo to show the precautions people are taking to save their homes. This photo creates emotion and makes you feel for the family that lives there. This house is in the middle of a flood, its own somewhat dry island. The placing of the house in this photo is a big part of it. In the upper left corner you can see a part of the flooding water. This enhances that feeling because it shows this home is really an island in the middle of a flood. This picture show the human aspect of the damage being done to part of Texas due to all this rain.

These photos are all unique and gives a different side of the story about the flooding in Texas. They all have different aspects of them from the placing of certain key part in the picture to showing us different sides of the story.

Shooting video so far. . .

My experience so far has been a little weird. The first person I went to talk to for my Humans of Columbia project totally shut me down. I was going to do it on a little Indian cuisine place on the edge of down town. It was actually a really cool place it was a restaurant in the bottom and then a little market in the upstairs part. I walk in and not a lot of people were in there and I didn’t see any workers so I just look around and I hear a voice from above say can I help you. I walk up and the man seems uneasy after he sees all my gear. I explain what I’m doing and he just looks at me for a while and then just says no. I understand some people don’t want to be on camera so I thanked him and left. Leaving this restaurant made me feel super awkward and made me nervous to out and ask other people. This is a cool assignment because I think it helps us all get out of our boxes and get our feet wet so when we are actually reporting we will be able to handle some of the awkwardness that come with it.

Some things I have noticed when shooting is during the interview I have to remind the person being interviews to restate the question. I would ask them a question and they would answer is but in the video we are just hearing their answer. During another time shooting the person kept swaying back and forth so I had to have her sit down and interview her. I have learned you have to make sure your I charge and must be respectful to the people your interviewing  but also make sure they know that you are the interviewer and this is your story

For my TV style shooting I am doing a story on the opening weekend for Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic center. Since its opening weekend I know it was going to be busy and the employees would also be busy.  I called the head manager to see if I could get an interview and she never got back to me so I went today to check it out and I was told I would be able to get an interview later today or even tomorrow. I was nervous about this because if I could not get a source I would have to find another story. This showed me that doing the reporting is so important. I think it’s the difference of having a story and not. You may have a really good story idea/pitch but you must make it happen. I am having to be flexible for my sources because without them I don’t have a story.  The TV style project I am really enjoying. This is really solidifying my decision for my emphasis area!

What multimedia means to me.

The definition of multimedia journalism is the process of putting together graphics audio video and text to tell a story. I have always wanted to be in the industry of journalism. I feel that multimedia journalism is now everything in the industry. As technology continues to advance so does journalist. We need to be able to tell our stories in more interesting ways with a high knowledge of the equipment we are using. Multimedia journalism means that the world is evolving. Within the 20th century journalism grew so much. Starting with just newspapers growing to huge news stations broadcasting their shows to the entire country. As technology advanced so did news. People were able to get news quicker and journalist were able to do their jobs more efficiently. As multimedia journalism began to arid and grow news became more engaging to the audience. Instead of just looking at the paper people were able to see events happening and just like that the audience was more interested in the news. Multimedia journalism made news travel quicker and farther. Now in days we are able to get news on things happening overseas and in all different country. All this advancement has happened recently and has happened in a short amount of time.

When I hear someone say multimedia journalism I think of really anything that has to do with media. I think of broadcasts, radio, and online news. Multimedia is different kinds of media and media outlets. That is what’s so great about journalism, you have so many things you could do within the industry. There are so many options like photography magazine radio and broadcast. This is a very diverse industry which can caters to all different interests.

A type of multimedia that I am passionate about is broadcast. I am so interested in this side of news and I think it’s a very interactive way to engage with the audience. I am pretty sure I want to go in to reporting. I want to go cover breaking news and go investigate the stories. I am most interested in political reporting. I have always found politics interesting. I think it’s important to give America a true unbiased understanding of what is going in our country. Sometimes politics can be very confusing and it’s always hard to find news organizations that are completely unbiased. I am very passionate about the truth and want to be a reporter who reflects that. I am also interested in the producing side of broadcast. I have been able to work at KOMU for a year now and have started to learn how to produce. With reporting you learn a lot about one subject but with producing you learn a little about a lot of subjects. Both of these aspects are very interesting to me. I think I am more passionate about reporting but am excited to also learn to produce.