What multimedia means to me.

The definition of multimedia journalism is the process of putting together graphics audio video and text to tell a story. I have always wanted to be in the industry of journalism. I feel that multimedia journalism is now everything in the industry. As technology continues to advance so does journalist. We need to be able to tell our stories in more interesting ways with a high knowledge of the equipment we are using. Multimedia journalism means that the world is evolving. Within the 20th century journalism grew so much. Starting with just newspapers growing to huge news stations broadcasting their shows to the entire country. As technology advanced so did news. People were able to get news quicker and journalist were able to do their jobs more efficiently. As multimedia journalism began to arid and grow news became more engaging to the audience. Instead of just looking at the paper people were able to see events happening and just like that the audience was more interested in the news. Multimedia journalism made news travel quicker and farther. Now in days we are able to get news on things happening overseas and in all different country. All this advancement has happened recently and has happened in a short amount of time.

When I hear someone say multimedia journalism I think of really anything that has to do with media. I think of broadcasts, radio, and online news. Multimedia is different kinds of media and media outlets. That is what’s so great about journalism, you have so many things you could do within the industry. There are so many options like photography magazine radio and broadcast. This is a very diverse industry which can caters to all different interests.

A type of multimedia that I am passionate about is broadcast. I am so interested in this side of news and I think it’s a very interactive way to engage with the audience. I am pretty sure I want to go in to reporting. I want to go cover breaking news and go investigate the stories. I am most interested in political reporting. I have always found politics interesting. I think it’s important to give America a true unbiased understanding of what is going in our country. Sometimes politics can be very confusing and it’s always hard to find news organizations that are completely unbiased. I am very passionate about the truth and want to be a reporter who reflects that. I am also interested in the producing side of broadcast. I have been able to work at KOMU for a year now and have started to learn how to produce. With reporting you learn a lot about one subject but with producing you learn a little about a lot of subjects. Both of these aspects are very interesting to me. I think I am more passionate about reporting but am excited to also learn to produce.


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