Shooting video so far. . .

My experience so far has been a little weird. The first person I went to talk to for my Humans of Columbia project totally shut me down. I was going to do it on a little Indian cuisine place on the edge of down town. It was actually a really cool place it was a restaurant in the bottom and then a little market in the upstairs part. I walk in and not a lot of people were in there and I didn’t see any workers so I just look around and I hear a voice from above say can I help you. I walk up and the man seems uneasy after he sees all my gear. I explain what I’m doing and he just looks at me for a while and then just says no. I understand some people don’t want to be on camera so I thanked him and left. Leaving this restaurant made me feel super awkward and made me nervous to out and ask other people. This is a cool assignment because I think it helps us all get out of our boxes and get our feet wet so when we are actually reporting we will be able to handle some of the awkwardness that come with it.

Some things I have noticed when shooting is during the interview I have to remind the person being interviews to restate the question. I would ask them a question and they would answer is but in the video we are just hearing their answer. During another time shooting the person kept swaying back and forth so I had to have her sit down and interview her. I have learned you have to make sure your I charge and must be respectful to the people your interviewing  but also make sure they know that you are the interviewer and this is your story

For my TV style shooting I am doing a story on the opening weekend for Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic center. Since its opening weekend I know it was going to be busy and the employees would also be busy.  I called the head manager to see if I could get an interview and she never got back to me so I went today to check it out and I was told I would be able to get an interview later today or even tomorrow. I was nervous about this because if I could not get a source I would have to find another story. This showed me that doing the reporting is so important. I think it’s the difference of having a story and not. You may have a really good story idea/pitch but you must make it happen. I am having to be flexible for my sources because without them I don’t have a story.  The TV style project I am really enjoying. This is really solidifying my decision for my emphasis area!


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