Texas Flooding

These picture show the flooding that has occurred in Texas recently. Nearly half of Texas has had record breaking rainfall for the month of May and the rain is not over yet. There is more rain to come with the upcoming week. There has been deaths and injuries because of this flooding.

The first picture you can see patrol officers searching for people by boat. I think this is a very good shot taken. This photographer used the rule of thirds by placing the two boats in the top area of thirds. For the most part the boats are centered in the frame but are slightly to the right. I think this does not take away from the quality of this picture but it adds dimension. Sometimes when picture are too perfectly symmetrical it can look awkward and not right. I think this a good impression of the damage this flooding has done to Texas and what law enforcement is doing to keep everyone safe.

The second picture is a birds eye view of an over pass in Texas that has water almost up to the top of the bridge. I like the placement of the roads in this picture. Even though the flooding is the main part of this picture you see a lot of the green wooded area. I think this adds a different aspect to the photo and this news story. II think is shows that it not only people that are getting their home destroyed but it’s also animals as well. The placement of the roads in the corner leads you to look through the entire photo not just one part of it.

This last photo shows a house completely surrounded by water that has big barriers blocking the water from submerging the house. This is a very intense photo to show the precautions people are taking to save their homes. This photo creates emotion and makes you feel for the family that lives there. This house is in the middle of a flood, its own somewhat dry island. The placing of the house in this photo is a big part of it. In the upper left corner you can see a part of the flooding water. This enhances that feeling because it shows this home is really an island in the middle of a flood. This picture show the human aspect of the damage being done to part of Texas due to all this rain.

These photos are all unique and gives a different side of the story about the flooding in Texas. They all have different aspects of them from the placing of certain key part in the picture to showing us different sides of the story.


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