David Gilkey Pictures

David Gilkey was a very talented photographer. All of his photos are very emotion filled. Going thought the link that was sent it really inspired me to take more pictures of people. I normally like to do more nature but seeing the emotions and how much power there is in these photos makes me want to take more photos of people to try and capture these emotions.

The picture of Cody Lee Ensley has so much in it. I love that he put this in black and white. I think this makes the photo, it gives it a feel of seriousness. The caption read that he is entering the safety of American gates after a daylong of attacks, you don’t even need to read the caption to see the relief on his face.

Another picture that catches my eye is the one with the son and father. The Dad Jake Romo is going though rehab to what appears to be for his legs. His son is standing behind him watching him as he walks. This is so powerful and really touches my heart. Again this picture is in black and white to create a certain feeling. I think this is an important aspect to show the feeling of this photo. I also think the camera angle is very particular. Shooting behind the son gives this picture so much more than if he would have shot it from the right or left side.

The portrait pictures with the tight faces is so interesting to me. I love seeing close up pictures of face because you can see every little unique aspect of that individuals face. Those little aspects are what makes that person them. I like how none of them are full on smiling. There is only a couple with soft smiles. I think this makes the picture look less staged and more natural

The last photo that I really liked was the one of Baby Sesay. I love that she is looking up and not straight at the camera. I did this the camera angle for this one is perfect. It’s straight on her her eyes are looking up at an angle. I also like that the background is out of focus and she is the main thig you look at.

I really love all of these photos and David Gilkey has inspired me to get out of my box when I take pictures.


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