Audio has been a different aspect of journalism I have ever done. I have delta with audio and video together before but never just audio. I have had fun with it. It’s really cool to be able to create an image in someone’s mind. There are some aspects of audio that are difficult.

The equipment we are using picks up everything. For example it picks up the humming of refrigerators, vents, and computers. This can be distracting background noise. I know we need Nat sound but it was hard for me to get the background noise without the little humming. I also tried to fix it through audition but had a tough time doing that as well. I have learned to try and do the interview in a quietest place possible and that will help a lot with the fuzzy back ground sound

I have also found that during interviews it is hard to get people to continue talking so that I am able to get full long quotes. This happens weather you doing video or audio but since audio and only voices it’s amplified if there is awkward quotes. In this situation I try to ask open ended questions to encourage people to continue talking.

I felt that editing in audition has been a lot easier than premiere pro. This program seems to be user friendly and easy to use.  I am use to different programs when cutting video. Premiere pro was somewhat the same but also very different in way as well.

The equipment that we have used for audio is also pretty easy. It is for the most part self-explanatory. There were a couple times that I had pressed record and thought it was recording only to realize it was not actually recording. I had forgotten you have to press the record button twice. I fixed it and still got a good recording.

I enjoy audio and am happy I was able to see this side of journalism.


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